Primary care

WHO  defines the reasoned use of drugs as prescribing or suggesting the appropriate medication for the patient, at the appropriate dose and duration, at a reasonable cost, with the necessary information for the patient and with a follow-up planning. To ensure prescription under these conditions, clinical skills are needed to:

  • Establish the diagnosis and evaluate the course of the patient,
  • Choose the therapeutic strategy,
  • Individualize the treatment according to the needs and characteristics of each patient,
  • Communicate with the patient to promote their autonomy.

In order to perform these functions, the prescriber must have reliable information, unbiased, and oriented to clinical problems, and must be up-to-date on therapeutic novelties.

At FICF, we work to offer guidance, advice and support to the primary care physician in making therapeutic decisions. We develop information, ongoing training, counseling and research tasks to promote the selection of the most appropriate therapeutic strategies for patients and more efficient for the National Health System.


Scientific information on therapeutics is unattainable and very often biased. The different FICF information tools for primary care physicians are based on a careful and up-to-date selection of essential and reliable information. They are designed to facilitate the dissemination of relevant and useful information for clinical practice. These tools are accessible on digital media. In addition, thanks to the support of the ICS, we offer a service of consultations on specific therapeutic doubts.

These tools are:

We also offer other specialized sources of information:

  • SIETES  from where each year select about 2,000 articles (originals and reviews) of special interest published in medical journals.


To practice medicine in a responsible way you have to keep up to date. At FICF we offer various courses and continuing education programs for primary care physicians, both face-to-face and virtual. We prioritize the therapeutic update on the most prevalent health problems, as well as the scientific basis for the selection of therapeutic strategies and the reasoned prescription of medications.


FICF collaborates with clinicians and primary health care professionals in research projects that describe the use of drugs and their results in our environment. You can access the publications of the studies carried out.


FICF provides technical support to the selection of medicines carried out by various pharmacotherapeutic committees and collaborates in the development of prescription support methods.
For example, it provides technical support to the Pharmacotherapeutic Committee of the Primary Care Area of ICS  Terres de l’Ebre, Tarragona.

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Responsible for this Area: Carmen Asensio