Butlletí Groc

Butlletí Groc
Butlletí Groc is to publish information on Independente oldest of Catalonia and Spain medications. It is published since 1988, as a continuation of the periodic information sheet of pharmacovigilance program Yellow Card , published between 1984 and 1988.
Yellow Card  is part of International Society of Drug Bulletins , which is one of the founders.

The values ​​of the Yellow Bulletin are the rigor, transparency, clinical orientation and independence of the pharmaceutical companies and the public administration.

The articles and notes published in Butlletí Groc not be used for advertising, publicity or other sales promotion, and can not be reproduced without written permission.
Director Joan-Ramon Laporte. Chief editor Montserrat Bosch.
Drafting Committee  M Bosch, I Danés, R Llop.
Editorial Committee A Agustí, C Asensio, JM Castel, G Cereza, E Diogène, A Figueras, I Fuentes, L Ibáñez, D Rodríguez, X Vidal.
Layout C Figuerola

ISSN 0214-1922 - Legal Deposit: B-20.962-88