Since 2000, FICF has developed numerous online training projects both in the university field and in the continuing training of the health professionals (medical doctors, pharmacists and nurses).

Our teaching objectives are based with the foundational goals and values, and with the task entrusted by WHO, as a collaborating center for training and research.

Pharmacoepidemiology, therapeutics and the healthy use of medicines (reasoned and prudent prescription, deprescription) are the main themes on which our offer of virtual training has been focused.

In 2005 we started the project aulaterapeutica.cat . A virtual training space where we provide online training with an open source platform (Moodle).

In these years we have been able to form a team of people with experience in the design, development and implementation of virtual training projects.

If you have any need for training or some idea to develop about virtual teaching and medication, contact us.

Responsible for this Area: Josep Mª Castel