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It is defined as a decrease in peripheral blood granulocytes results in a neutrophil count of less than 0.5 x 109 / L. It is a rare condition, but it may have a fatal outcome. In the various studies conducted to date the incidence of this disease is estimated between 1.6 and 7 cases per million inhabitants per year, and its lethality between 5% and 10%. It has been suggested that most of the two-thirds of the cases are related to drug intake. A study of cases and controls in Barcelona with 17 hospitals is performed, since 1980.

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Aplastic anemia

It is characterized by a decrease of the three series in peripheral blood hematological that corresponds to a marrow hypoplasia. It is a rare entity, about 2 cases per million per year in our country, and with a high mortality rate (40% at 2 years).He described their relationship to drugs and toxic agents among others, especially of immune order. It has conducted a case-control study from 1980 to December 2007 in the Barcelona area that includes 17 hospitals.

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Upper GI bleeding

The upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused hospital admission has an incidence of around 400 cases per year oor million. His relationship with different drugs is well known, but individual risks were unknown to such newly marketed anti-inflammatory drugs, topical anti-inflammatory, to various various antiplatelet agents. There was also some debate about whether there is an association with the use of selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. Ten hospitals in Spain (1998-2001) and eight in Italy (1999-2001) participated in a study of cases and controls objectives were to estimate the risks of these drugs.

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Terminal renal insufficiency

The incidence of ESRD has been increasing over time, being more common in the elderly. In 1997 the incidence was estimated at Catalonia in 134 cases per million inhabitants.
Studies linking this entity with the use of analgesics and NSAIDs have yielded conflicting results. For this reason we conducted a case-control study between 1995 and 1997 in which the cases initiated dialysis in the Barcelona area they are included.

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Severe acute liver injury

Acute and severe liver abnormalities of uncertain etiology sometimes attributed to drugs, reason that has led to the suspension of the marketing of various drug specialties in recent years. However, there are few epidemiological data, especially in our country.

Multicenter Group Study of Acute Hepatotoxicity Barcelona (GEMHAB): A prospective study was performed in a well defined area of Barcelona in collaboration with 12 or digestive hepatology services for a period of seven years (1993-1999) in order to establish its incidence, mortality and its association with drugs by a study case-population.

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