Clinical Pharmacology Service

The different activities of the Clinical Pharmacology Service have the general objective of promoting the reasoned prescription of medicines and their effective, safe and efficient use. To this end, the Service's areas of action in the Hospital focus on:

  • Advise on issues of drug selection and policy, and quality of care related to therapeutic aspects.
  • Support the Ethical Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC)  for the ethical and methodological evaluation of clinical trials and post-authorization studies with drugs carried out at the center.
  • Participate in the tasks of advising and supporting the research staff of the center, for the development and implementation of clinical trials and other research projects in medicines, forming part of the Clinical Research Support Unit (USIC)  of the Research Institute Of the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron (VHIR) .
  • Develop and maintain a program of identification and evaluation of undesirable effects  produced by medicines and pharmacovigilance
  • Disseminate information materials on therapeutics and provide a therapeutic consultation service.
  • Encourage clinical research by conducting studies on the use of drugs and their health outcomes.
  • To develop teaching and continuing education activities on therapeutics.
  • To train specialists in clinical pharmacology through the development of the specialty program (MIR).

FICF's publications in Clinical Pharmacology Service

Responsible for this Area: Eduard Diogène